India is past the tipping point of urbanisation. Solving our growing urban problems will first of all require us to acknowledge that this is complex work and requires civic innovation. At Janaagraha, we are delighted that EdelGive is one of our supporters, helping us to work on building urban capacities. Only by sensitising our administrators to the needs of urban India, is long-term systemic change possible.

Ramesh Ramanathan, Co-Founder, Janaagraha Center for Citizenship & Democracy
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EdelGive Foundation follows the principle of continuous support and thus, our alumni NGOs continue to be an integral part of our portfolio. After the exhaustion of financial support, the foundation continues to be a provider of ecosystem support.



Aangan works for children and youth who are lodged in state homes and institutions. Aangan works towards inculcating deep respect for child rights and human rights, helps to reduce vulnerability as well as considers emotional, social and developmental needs by emphasizing rehabilitation and reintegration.

Additionally, Aangan's Project Shakti reduces the vulnerability of girls in high-risk communities by providing them with opportunities of public participation in community settings. At the end of this programme, girls organize themselves into collectives and identify priority areas for development within their community. They also develop support networks through which they can effect change for themselves and the community.

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