EdelGive is a far-seeing, supportive and thoroughly professional organization that has allowed Adharshila the space to dream bigger dreams while also anchoring us more firmly through strengthening our systems and processes. The team at EdelGive has a unique ability to support our efforts while also encouraging us to challenge our own assumptions and identify key gaps. This has been a very rewarding association for Adharshila, and we hope to see it grow!

Asmita Kabra, Founder, Adharshila.
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Over the last seven years, EdelGive has progressed to identifying high- impact grassroots education projects spanning across the country and our portfolio is a blend of organisations whose work aims at developing better citizenry while facilitating a shift in the outlook of communities towards girl child education and upliftment of the socially, politically and economically disadvantaged as well as those residing in difficult and hard- to- reach terrains.

Education Investees


Adharshila School is an initiative launched by the Adharshila Shiksha Samiti on 15th August, 2005 and is led by Merajuddin Syed. The Sahariya tribe of Agraa, Sheopur is a severely marginalized Adivasi community that rank low in terms of human development indicators of literacy, health and livelihood and account for twenty percent of Sheopur’s total population.

Almost twenty four Sahariya villages were displaced from their original inhabitations to build Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, where the Adivasis were driven out from the forests without proper rehabilitation. This displacement has resulted in the loss of their livelihood, which degraded them to abysmal levels of poverty in the last few decades.

The school follows a ‘Hub-and-Spoke’ Model to reach the maximum number of children in their area of intervention and it has essentially come as an opportunity for children belonging to Chambal’s Sahariya Tribe. The Resource Centres (hub) are backed by satellite classes (spokes) in the villages that are meant for children between ages 4 to 10 years, who later join the Adharshila School for further studies. The students here are motivated to learn by experimenting and exploring the concepts taught to them which not only gets the students interested in learning but also enhances their cognitive skills. Their revolutionary education model aims to engage the first generation learners in creative syllabus- based learning solutions.

This initiative has not only increased the literacy rate in Chambal area but has also kick- started careers for youth of the displaced Sahariya Tribe. The Adharshila School is recognised as a High School by the Madhya Pradesh State Education Department and is one of the two schools in the vicinity.

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