I have had so much input on finance, strategy, monitoring and evaluation from EdelGive. It has come at such a crucial time for Masoom and has helped us clarify our priorities for the next few years.

Nikita Ketkar, Founder, Masoom
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We are inspired by the idea of collaborative philanthropy and our continuous efforts are aimed at creating a well- knit network of non- profits, philanthropists, foundations and the corporates to ensure a healthy flow of capital and expertise into the social sector. This has rendered us as a zero- cost platform for exchange of ideas and as facilitators for ensuring that the resources mobilised by us and our funding partners reach effective grassroots interventions.


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EdelGive Foundation has set out to establish itself as a facilitator for smooth sharing of information within the donor-community and the social sector as a whole. We believe that no entity exists in isolation and each of them requires an ecosystem to function to its fullest capability. We are working towards being an effective mediator between the for-profit and the not-for-profit world by providing assistance at zero- cost and helping the donor community to ensure their investments are compliant u/s 135 and reach the right people.

An Aggregator An Advisor Reference Partner
We invest collectively the funds amassed from High Net-worth Individuals and the corporate, in high- impact and credible NGOs. As advisors, we work towards sharpening the philanthropic goals and plans of individual donors and the corporate while also assisting them in compliance as well as designing an effective strategy for financial and non- financial giving. We refer effectively working NGOs to interested donors after thoroughly understanding their philanthropic mandate.


Employee Engagement

We believe that the richest of all resources is man-power and human intelligence. Subsequently, under the Employee Engagement Programme, each of our employees is motivated to contribute with their expertise and in turn, help the non- profits by guiding them for capacity building projects and financial aid. Over the last seven years, a collective involvement of over 10,000 hours by the Edelweiss workforce has benefitted various NGOs in scaling up their activities.

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