What I really like about EdelGive is that even if one canít donate in monetary terms, one gets the opportunity to give back to the society through capacity building and volunteering.

- Chirag Ganatra, Manager, Ecap Equities Limited
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EdelGive takes great pride in the vibrant volunteering culture that exists in Edelweiss. Our Employee Engagement Programme offers a structured platform that connects non-profits in need of voluntary support to the Edelweiss workforce who are inclined towards making a contribution to the social sector.

Employees are encouraged to not only donate in monetary terms but also contribute their time, skills and expertise to the non-profit organisations on a pro-bono basis. Such non-financial support involves direct interaction with the beneficiaries (teaching, monitoring, counselling and group workshops) and requires employees to develop high quality solutions to specific organisational challenges by contributing towards capacity building projects.

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