ToolBox India began its association through a strategic partnership with EdelGive Foundation with the purpose of bringing together the skilled volunteering activities to the EdelGive supported nonprofit organisations. The purpose was to enhance impact through capacity building initiatives. The EdelGive –ToolBox partnership has been an exemplar of multi sector collaborations that can develop an ecosystem with immense value for all.

Vijaya Balaji
Toolbox India Foundation
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Beyond financial support, NGOs require expertise and advice on certain operational areas which are critical for achieving overall effectiveness. EdelGive identifies the need for such support and works to suitably fulfil the same by leveraging the proficiencies of Edelweiss employees or by directing our Capacity Building Partner to assist them, depending upon the level of expertise required.

Toolbox India Foundation

Toolbox India , a not for profit organization was started in 2007 by Charles Antoine Janssen and Sandeep Naik, with the purpose of offering consulting services on a pro bono basis to non-profits in change process management. They bring together volunteers with diverse experience in fields such as strategic and operations management, human resources, information technology, communications and marketing as well as impact measurement and coaches non-profits in Change Process Management.

The organization brings the non- profit world closer to the for- profit arena with the idea of creating a complementing relation between those who require expert skills and the ones who possess them. They offer pro- bono quality coaching to non- profits and ensure development of appropriate management tools for the partner NGOs.

Their tie up with different corporates and foundations ensure a steady flow of talent pool into the philanthropy sector with customized solutions for the receiver.

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