Our experience with EdelGive Foundation has been enriching right from the first time the team came to visit our field centre. The dashboard exercise with them has helped us to brainstorm on many important issues like structuring our work and our staffing issues. This has enhanced our ability to emerge as an organization in our own right.

Shraddha Shringarpure, Project Officer, AROEHAN
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‘Between seed and scale’ is the essence driving our investment model which is an outcome of the belief that while an idea is necessary to bring about change, there is critical need for professional assistance at the stage when the initial thought has crossed the inception phase. Hand-holding to a small or medium sized organisation can render them successful in refining their processes and methods of intervention. Once this has been achieved, the external support can be gradually withdrawn leaving them to further scale up their programmes.

With our investments spread across the country, EdelGive has adopted the goal of supporting NGOs whose work is inspiring change through a direct and effective intervention model in place.


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