Ibtada has had a very fulfilling relationship with EdelGive over the past two years. It all started with the EdelGive Foundation recognizing Ibtada's work in the field of girl child education through their Social Innovation Honours in April 2009. Since then EdelGive¡¯s support has been very positive and morale boosting. EdelGive showcases our work to other donors and puts them in contact with us. Ibtada is extremely happy and proud to be part of EdelGive's initiatives.

Rajesh Singhi, Director, Ibtada
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Our approach to education goes beyond access and we have invested in those organizations which are working to deliver better curriculum and better learning. Our investments in the Education sector look at the impact on children's learning competencies, shifts in their attitudes and aspirations while focusing on the link between education and employability.




Broadly, EdelGive investees use two approaches to improve the learning outcomes at schools:

  • They focus on leadership and teacher training via strong in-school transformation models
  • They combine the best of both worlds i.e. public–private partnerships wherein high quality programmes are conducted with existing government infrastructure



We have invested in organizations that have been instrumental in changing the attitudes of communities towards education by:

  • Reintegrating out-of-school youth with skills and employability training via innovative models
  • Supplementing education with life-skills programmes to enhance learning outcomes



We have also invested in organizations which are working on reducing dropout rates by:

  • Innovating in curriculum, pedagogy, teaching methodology, teacher motivation and assessment
  • Focusing on advocacy to improve governance, management and quality in government schools
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