Ibtada's dream is that all children, especially girls in Alwar should get quality primary education which can be achieved by empowering communities towards supporting and strengthening the existing government schools. EdelGive is providing support to pilot this community initiative. Ibtada is getting positive results and is hoping to scale this pilot in the next two years.

Rajesh Singhi, Director, Ibtada
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We have strategically developed partnerships with exceptional grassroots NGOs, working in rural areas and urban shanty towns, focussed on changing dynamics for women and girls in various communities. The cause closest to our heart is the movement protesting violence against women and promotion of women safety. Our investees are committed towards nurturing women leaders for social change and gender- just communities.

Women's Empowerment


AALI is a feminist legal resource and advocacy group which works to protect and advance the human rights of women and other marginalized sections of society through direct intervention, capacity building and research-based advocacy.

The organization has over two decades of experience in addressing issues of violations of women’s human rights with a rights-based approach and feminist perspective. AALI’s specialization lies in its legal expertise and the use of international and national human rights mechanisms to advocate and promote the rights of women as complete and equal human beings.

AALI specializes in direct intervention in cases of women’s Right to Choice and decision-making in sexual relationships; “Honour” Related Crimes/Killing/ Suicide; Rape and other forms of sexual violence (Child Sexual Abuse); Sexual Harassment at Workplace; Acid Attack; Domestic Violence; Forced Marriage (Child Marriage); Women’s Right to Mobility; Trafficking of women; “Witch” Hunting; Right to Food and Social Security for Women (pension schemes) and State Violence (Custodial Violence, Illegal Detention). AALI provides women survivors a full range of socio-legal support including intake, socio legal counseling and follow-up, fact finding, direct legal intervention, mediation, court accompaniment, access to emergency relief like shelter, medical aid, psychological counseling and other rehabilitative services for women and children. From 2008-2015 alone, AALI has successfully intervened in 535 cases and conducted 112 fact findings, resolved 472 cases, offered indirect intervention including legal advice on phone/via email in 343 cases, and rehabilitated 397 woman and child survivors of human rights violations in Uttar Pradesh. In Jharkhand, from 2012-15, the total number of cases in which AALI has intervened directly and/or provided technical support to partner organizations stands at 545.

As a pioneer in establishing women’s Right to Choice in sexual relationships as a human rights issue in the country, the organization has intervened in over 200 cases where women who entered relationships or marriages against the wishes of their families have been physically and mentally abused with false criminal cases registered against their partners. AALI’s intervention in such cases includes socio-legal assistance to the family of the boy to get bail or quash the criminal proceedings against them.

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